T-Shirt 102: The Basics + Fundraising

T-Shirt 102: The Basics + Fundraising

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Curious about creating, launching, and or expanding an online merch shop or kickstarting a profitable fundraising campaign, but not sure where to start? Welcome to T-Shirt 102: The Basics + Fundraising. This course will cover a range of important topics to support you with the foundation of 

In this online course you will learn:

1. Launch a simple online apparel store and/or kickstart an online fundraiser. 

2. Grow a sustainable income selling apparel, accessories, and promotional items. 

3. Create unique design without design skills. I got you covered! 

4. Learn the exact vendors, tools, and programs used to scale Rise Up Midwife. 

5. Gain the confidence to market your products on social media and beyond. 

6. Bonus: Understanding your tax responsibilities as a small business. Trademarking or copyrighting your designs, and customer service. 

Join us Wed June 30, 11 am-2:00 pm PST

Space is limited.